To ensure that your product lasts you need to take care of it. A well cared for knife can be passed down and be a long-lasting meaningful piece. Hooten Knives promises to be there to here to help you. 



What is covered under our promise?
If your knife arrives with a defect or gets damaged in a way that is not from abuse, we'll fix it free of charge. Our products are knives not multi-tools. We can tell what the difference is between defect and a poorly taken care of knife. Follow the instructions on this page and you'll be in the clear. 
Avoid Moisture
Of course you can use our products around water. Just make sure you wipe them dry before sheathing them. This is the same with coming into contact with corrosive acidic material. The longer it sits the more rust that will appear. If you do happen to accidentally forget to wipe it down a quick light sanding should take care of any spots. If you feel unable to fix it we've got you covered. Ship it back to us we'll clean it up for you. 
Oil is your friend
After wiping down your knife to help protect against rust we recommend rubbing a small amount of oil on the blade. Head to the kitchen and dab a small amount onto a paper towel or cloth and gently swipe across the surface of the knife. 
The sharper the better
Did you know a sharp knife causes less damage to the onion flesh, reducing the amount of gas that is released? Sharpening regularly will help maintain the quality of the knife. Despite big companies boasting they have the sharpest knives; they will still get dull. You'll be left with a poor-quality knife that you can't seem to sharpen back to how you received it from a factory. Poor quality metal when sharpened will actually roll over on itself. Thats why Hooten Knives only chooses high quality metals for our knives. We Suggest using a Whetstone Kit.